The Keeper of 4 Elements

Dec 1, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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The Keeper Of 4 Elements - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS Vita thumbnail

The Keeper Of 4 Elements - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for The Keeper of 4 Elements


Theo Crowshaw
7.5 / 10.0

Is The Keeper of 4 Elements a good game? I had my doubts at first, but yes. Yes, it is. It harkens back to a simpler time, and does it well. If, like me, you have fond memories of playing these sorts of games in school, or perhaps rushing home to play them on your Toshiba laptop, then you'll most likely enjoy this title. However, in an era of gaming where Micro-transactions are everywhere, and monetization of almost everything plagues gaming titles, it is a severe shame that this game had to be sold for a profit when it is available elsewhere completely free. It isn't a question of how much it costs, but rather integrity and respect for the customer.

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Each level is significantly more difficult than the last, and you’ll find you need to replay old levels over and over again to earn stars to upgrade towers to give you a fighting chance at the next level. Eventually you unlock the ability to upgrade the towers to offer additional effects; the water tower can freeze enemies, the fire tower can burn them, but it’s too little, too late. All of this would be almost okay if 4 Elements also wasn’t one of the most unrelentingly plain-looking games, with terrible sprites representing enemies, and bland level design to back it up.

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The Keeper of 4 Elements handles the basics of a tower defense game well enough. It may be too difficult for most people, but it's not done in the pleasing way that other titles can get away with. Without a strong presentation and no real defining factors, however, there's not much of a reason to pay attention to this game when there are far more exciting offerings in the same genre and on the same platform. Unless you really like cheap games, you should pass on this.

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The Keeper of the 4 Elements isn’t a bad title by any means but it doesn’t bring anything new to the field. Stages are over too quickly with the above described tactic changing what looked like it could have been a challenging experience by having to strategically use all four elements into essentially stoning the enemies to death with very large boulders.

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