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60 / 100
Jan 13, 2017

Stereo Aereo is a functional music game. While it has a very cool scoring method and control scheme, it’s ultimately plagued by unforgiving and frustrating gameplay plus a generic soundtrack. Play this one if you’re looking for a fun time-waster, but there are better titles to which you may rock out.

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45 / 100
Dec 9, 2016

Simplicity and camp are consistent factors in Stereo Aereo.

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7 / 10
Jan 30, 2019

Although not perfect and relatively short, Stereo Aereo is a lot of fun for a rhythm game that can provide incredible replay value if you aim at the platinum.

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Top Critic

6 / 10.0
Dec 23, 2016

Satisfying fun with a great soundtrack at its best, visual mess with a great soundtrack most of the rest of the time.

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Dec 17, 2016

Stereo Aereo really could have been an excellent indie rhythm title. It has a good core, and a unique art style, but the game's flaws outweigh everything else, unforgivably taking you out of rhythm rather than keeping you in it.

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