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Hive Jump

Graphite Lab
Jan 18, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Hive Jump

Hive Jump is a fun and exciting retro shooter romp, with plenty of variety and a great co-op multiplayer experience marred by a lonely single player mode.

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Hive Jump blends together a mix of randomly generated levels, platforming, shooting, and even base defense to make for a fine action platformer.

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Overall, Hive Jump is a disappointing game in light of the attention and buzz it once attracted. There are the bones of an interesting concept here, but it never seems to come together quite right once everything gets rolling. Repetitive gameplay, disappointing performance and ho-hum presentation make this a game that's 'ok' at best. We'd recommend this one only to players who are eager for a co-op action shooter for their Wii U. It does what it says on the tin, just don't expect to come away from this one wowed by the experience.

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While I actually like Hive Jump and its ideas, as a beta tester of multiple different homebrew games this still has the feel of an incomplete beta.

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Hive Jump combines many sub-genres of action-platformers into one game, and does them all fairly well.

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Chase Ramos
8.9 / 10.0

Hive Jump is a solid game and is very enjoyable even after multiple hours of playing through it. Most people will skip over this game and will miss out; if you love space games and especially run-and-gun games, then we highly suggest you buy this game on Steam. It is well worth your $20!

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In the end, the overall difficulty of the game makes Hive Jump a hard game to recommend. Players looking for a one player run-and-gun game should look to other titles. If you like difficult multiplayer games, this might be the game you are looking for.

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Hive Jump is an enjoyable 2D platform experience with a soundtrack that draws the player into the atmosphere.

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