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Available on:PCMay 18, 2016

Developer: DotEmu


Genre: Action

“SHOCK TROOPERS ”, the fan favorite 2D top-down view action shooting game released exclusively on NEOGEO MVS in 1997, returns to the battlefield on Steam! Progress through the battlefield, choosing the best routes and strategy!・ARCADE: Choose a character and go on your mission solo in “Lonely Wolf” mode, or form a team of three soldiers from the eight mercenary characters available, and try to rescue Dr. George and his granddaughter who have been kidnapped. The route you choose at the beginning will affect the progress of the game, allowing you to enjoy an original gameplay experience time after time.
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Virtual Console - Shock Troopers - Trailer


Shock Troopers is a fast and fun, yet simple, action game that brings back the feelings of the old arcade games. Switch version adds nothing new, except for its different modes: portable, tabletop and home console, but it is still enjoyable.

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Shock Troopers may not add much to the top-down run-and-gun genre but it's enjoyable while it lasts. The visuals weren't particularly awe-inspiring back in 1997, but everything moves at a slick pace and neat elements of humour prevent things from becoming too serious. In single player you might get a week or so of play out of this, but with two people involved it becomes a lot more appealing - and thanks to those detachable Joy-Cons, co-op sessions are easy to arrange. Shock Troopers 2nd Squad may be considered the superior release, but the original is still worth checking out if you like your old-school arcade blasters.

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Boasting tons of fun weapons, eight unique playable characters, and a novel team-based combat option, Shock Troopers is one of the best run-and-gun shooters for the PC.

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Shock Troopers brings the players back to a time of simpler gameplay mechanics and it certainly has a commendable nostalgia value for those who know it and who treasure it. Some of its features feel outdated by today's standards, however, which means that more recent players will question some of the game's aspects and its gameplay will feel like it truly belongs to Shock Troopers' original time.

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