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Jan 23, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Nefarious

There is so much heart and so many great ideas in Nefarious that I want to see it as a better game than it is. I want to be able to recommend it as a hidden gem in Steam’s massive collection of throwback indie titles. But I can’t. It’s a sloppy game that feels in many respects half-done. All the heart in the world can’t make up for something that just isn’t fun to play.

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efarious features a concept that sets it apart from most games, only to throw the player into an experience that feels bland and repetitive. While a lot of the game's aspects are competent, the level design makes it duller and much more linear than it should and the very difficult jumping required will not make the experience more enjoyable, which feels like a waste in a game that promises so much.

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It might be a bit trite to say that being bad never felt so good, but indeed, the villainous escapades of Crow and company make for an incredibly fun platformer indeed.

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Nefarious features unforgettable characters and interesting mechanics, but the substandard running and jumping make the game harder to recommend than it should be.

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It's hip to be square? Nah. It's hip to be Nefarious! Grade A platforming, hilariously charming characters, and reverse boss battles make this indie stand out among a bloated genre. It would be downright nasty to give this title anything less than a perfect score.

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8 / 10

Nefarious is a fun 2D action platformer that does things differently by placing you in the shoes of the villain while introducing some interesting gameplay mechanics to spice things up. The game has some comical moments with clever one-liners, and as for replay value, there is no extra content to unlock and playthrough when you have completed the game, but you can go back to stages to try and collect all the crowns so that you can see an alternate ending.

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Dusk Fox

Nefarious a very fun game that now finds the perfect home in the Nintendo Switch. With around 5 to 7 hours of gameplay depending on your skill level, this is definitely a great pick for those who love platformers and for people looking for something to shake up their game library.

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The story isn't super deep, but it's not trying to be. This is a fun take on a villain doing what old-school villains have always done, and the thought process around that. If you're into simpler platformers that don't eat up a lot of time, and want some charming characters, Nefarious might just be for you.

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