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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Headup Games, The Bitfather
Feb 6, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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The Digital Fix
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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Review

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Critic Reviews for Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic simply decides when it's your time to die and doesn't equip you with enough tools for a fair fight. The combat is not strategic enough to justify the difficulty. The characters fleeting charm doesn't justify the headache.

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The shoddy UI, lack of a "stash" feature, and general lack of polish hold it back from being a resounding recommendation, but those who look back fondly on the realms of Alefgard and Corneria should definitely check it out.

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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic has a lot going for it at first with clever humor and many intriguing RPG, rogue-like systems in place, but the archaic design and multitude of navigation problems mar the overall experience. The Bitfather definitely had their heart in the right place creating this title, and it can be seen in the retro call-backs to many fantasy stalwarts. However, no amount of nostalgia can cover up the glaring control issues and dull, dreary combat present in the final product.

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Whilst it's held back by irritating music and the lack of a stash, Pixel Heroes is still an enjoyable wee game.

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Marooners' Rock

Unknown Author
7.2 / 10.0
Marooners' Rock

All in all, I’d recommend Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic if you’re up for a good challenge.

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8 / 10

Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is a fun and challenging is a fun and challenging old-school styled RPG on PlayStation 4 with a lot of quests to complete and plenty of fun to be had. Due to the game's nature, this one certainly is not for all gamers as it is aimed at a more hardcore crowd. But if you're looking for a meaty RPG that will test your skills in full, and in which when your party dies you are forced to start all over with a new group, then be sure to check out Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic.

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Random but ridiculously repetitive, this deadly dull dungeon hack gives little reason to recommend it.

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Overall Pixel Heroes: Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is an interesting game. It brings a very familiar concept to the table and then randomises its attributes until it becomes something different, a less generic RPG with significantly increased difficulty. Its sense of humour, and fun systems and visuals make it well worth picking up for anyone in the market for a turn based RPG, or those who enjoy a bit of traditional tabletop dungeon crawling. For most, the jokes will mostly hit and will stave off the boredom factor, but for those that don't like referential humour, maybe steer clear of this title.

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