Apr 3, 2017 - PC
9 / 10
Oyungezer Online
7 / 10
Old Grizzled Gamers
85 / 100
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Domina Media

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Domina - Nowhere Near Ready For Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Domina

Considering I played for an entire evening straight and never got bored, I'd say Domina is successful at what it sets out to do, with fans of shows like Spartacus and Rome in particular sure to love the setup. Add a save game option (and give us another mode that isn't capped at a specific time) and this is a game that any gladiator enthusiast could sink a whole lot of hours into.

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An original idea, mixed with simulation dynamics. Twitch integration is highly creative.

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Domina is a shining beacon of PC indie gaming. It very much feels like a labor of love for one guy, which it in fact is. Bignic, the developer took a basic concept but had a unique vision which translates beautifully on the screen. Between the idiosyncratic events and names, the amazing soundtrack which he composed himself, to the amazingly tuned spectacle fighting simulator he managed to create, it is an inspiration and a triumph for those who just want to go and make a weird game of their own.

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Throughout, I was conscious that I was playing something that was almost aggressively designed to be disposable, and for that reason I can't say it feels close to my heart – but at the same time, I might just keep it hanging around my hard drive to fill idle half-hours now and again.

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