Macbat 64

Mar 17, 2017 - PC
6 / 10
Nintendo Life
3 / 10
Games Xtreme
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Macbat 64 - Final Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Macbat 64

It is cute, short, simple, and a nice nostalgic trip back down memory lane, even if these are new yet forgettable memories. I appreciate how much the developer was able to capture the N64 look and feel, and also the Banjo-Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope cameo (he has one of the only voiced lines in the game; he didn't work on the soundtrack). I think with some time, money, and a bigger team I could see Siactro making an honest to goodness great modern N64 game, but as it stands this feels a little too simple and shallow for my tastes.

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Each level is also beatable within 5 minutes, meaning you could finish the story in just over an hour, though considering the extremely low price point, that’s more forgivable. Ultimately though, whilst the N64-era aesthetic will appeal to some, Macbat 64 just isn’t worth your time. Diploducus Games seem to be relying on little more than nostalgia as it’s selling point, but when it utterly fails to deliver on gameplay, we can’t recommend this to even the most die-hard platforming fans.

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There's no fatalities, no headshots... Macbat64 is honest good fun in the same way you enjoyed roaming about with a bear and a bird in his backpack once upon a time. But £5 for an hour of gameplay? That part would be left up for you to decide!

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