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Macbat 64

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Game Information

Available on:PCMar 17, 2017

Developer: Siactro

Genres: Action, Platformer

Macbat 64 is a low poly 3D Platformer and 4:3 loveletter to the late 90s.

Quick Overview:
- Classic 3D platforming!
- A variety of different micro worlds!
- Different gamplay styles!
- A lot of unique and characteristic NPCs to interact with!
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Macbat 64 - Final Trailer

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6 / 10.0
Jed Whitaker

It is cute, short, simple, and a nice nostalgic trip back down memory lane, even if these are new yet forgettable memories. I appreciate how much the developer was able to capture the N64 look and feel, and also the Banjo-Kazooie composer Grant Kirkhope cameo (he has one of the only voiced lines in the game; he didn't work on the soundtrack). I think with some time, money, and a bigger team I could see Siactro making an honest to goodness great modern N64 game, but as it stands this feels a little too simple and shallow for my tastes.

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Games Xtreme

Games Xtreme

There's no fatalities, no headshots... Macbat64 is honest good fun in the same way you enjoyed roaming about with a bear and a bird in his backpack once upon a time. But £5 for an hour of gameplay? That part would be left up for you to decide!

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