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Major\Minor is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Apr 23, 2017

The game is an acquired taste that takes time to blossom fully and come into its own.

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6 / 10
Apr 15, 2017

Major\Minor does the major parts right in a lot of clever and beautiful ways. The world is fantastic, the art is wonderful, and the plot is filled with twists and turns. However, all the minor things it does wrong, from specific character traits that eventually builds up a cast comprised almost solely of Mary Sues, and the inability to save anywhere or easily read previous text boxes. These little flaws really pull what could have been a great visual novel down a couple of pegs. It is still a highly recommended read for anyone into the furry fandom, or who can stand a cast filled with Mary Sues, thanks to the story and the artwork.

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