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Symphony of the Machine

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Based on 14 critic reviews
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Available on:Oculus RiftApr 25, 2017
HTC ViveApr 25, 2017
PlayStation VRApr 25, 2017

Developer: Stirfire Studios

Genre: Puzzle

An ancient tower stands in a barren land - ascend it and discover its mysterious powers. Symphony of the Machine is a meditative spatial puzzle game made specifically for virtual reality. Enter a beautiful but dead world and begin to breathe life back into it. With the help of your robot companion, use a variety of tools to manipulate an ancient machine that can control the weather. By manipulating a laser, you can create unique weather patterns needed to start regrowing the land. Watch as the landscape around you shifts and changes based on your interactions with the machine.

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6 / 10
Stefan L

Symphony of the Machine is a pleasant enough puzzle game, with its laser beam manipulation requiring a little out of the box thinking at times. However, it's a concept that we've seen before in VR, and niggles with moving around and interacting with this 3D space left me feeling a tad frustrated and disappointed.

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95 / 100

Symphony of the Machine is the epitome of what a virtual reality experience should be. It nails everything from visuals to sound, from challenges to object interaction, all without a hint of motion sickness. This peaceful puzzler will calm your mind, challenge your brain, nurture your green thumb and leave you wanting much, much more. It's rather light on content, offering one to two hours of gameplay, but scores perfect marks in literally every other regard. While the short gameplay may be disappointing for those looking to squeeze every minute of entertainment out of their dollar, Symphony of the Machine is a must have for those dedicated apostles who seek to spread the gospel of VR.

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PlayStation Universe

7 / 10.0
Thomas Halston

Symphony of the Machine is a short puzzle game that really taps into the concepts of virtually reality. The game is kept simple, whilst the puzzles are tactical and challenging. If you are looking for a great VR puzzle game that should only take a few hours to complete, give this gem a spin.

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Push Square

5 / 10
Push Square

Symphony of the Machine is far from the best puzzle game available on PlayStation VR. Although the puzzles are enjoyable and challenging and the ever changing environmental aspects make for a beautiful setting, it is ultimately let down by its short length, fiddly controls, and pesky bugs. Unless you're an entomologist in desperate need of examining some bugs, we'd suggest you check out some of the other VR puzzlers – there's plenty to choose from.

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