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Apr 27, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Kamiko Gamplay Trailer * Game available in English

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Critic Reviews for KAMIKO

absolutely love the colorful art style that makes up the set pieces that themselves tell a story of a forgotten post-apocalyptic world, and the soundtrack is composed of retro-inspired chiptune. While the game is quite short, what is here is worth playing for the cost of entry.

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Kamiko brings a healthy dose of skilled enemy-destroying action topped off with an incentive to finish its levels as quickly as possible and break new records with every occasion. Overall, it's an accessible and fun game to play that provides a good challenge and characters that are different enough to try all of them, even if it could use some performance rankings and a bit of an improvement of its audiovisual component.

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Stunningly stylish and with an irresistibly kinetic sense of motion, Kamiko is a true gem. It's a quick ride, to be sure, but gorgeous pixel-art visuals, a lush soundtrack and three very different characters with plenty of speedrunning potential make it well worth coming back to. A uniquely appealing, action-packed package for less than the price of a prayer plaque, this is an easy recommendation for any Switch owner.

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Kamiko is a fun pick-up and play experience, with great visuals, good gameplay, and makes for a fun retro-inspired experience. It's worth exploring the game with each of the 3 characters just to see how different they actually play, which adds some replay value to the title. If you are looking for an inexpensive game for a weekend playthrough, Kamiko is a good pick.

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A short hack n' slash that's disappointingly average at best despite glimpses of a better game underneath it.

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Kamiko's quaint, pick-up-and-play nature makes it a fantastic fit on Nintendo's versatile console.

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Each level has its own theme, its own puzzles that teach you what to expect with the final boss, and in the end, I couldn't help but feel satisfied by Kamiko even if I wanted more. Few games these days are up front and honest about their value. Even with its short playtime, I'd have paid more for Kamiko because it's so expertly made. I can only hope we get a sequel or something equally excellent from developer SKIPMORE and soon.

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We did find ourselves wishing for a better story and slightly more in terms of gameplay, and the length of the game. However, the game's short length keeps it from feeling overly repetitive.

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