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Available on:PCMay 10, 2017

Developer: Plethora-Project

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Block’hood is a neighborhood-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities and the unique ecosystems within them. Budding city planners will have access to 200+ building blocks to arrange and combine and to create unique neighborhoods and discover the implications of their designs. The game will embark on a story of ecology and understanding as additional resources are always needed to unlock new blocks, configurations, and combinations to create more prosperous neighborhoods. Throughout the design process, players will need to avoid the decay of their city blocks by making sure each unit doesn’t run out of resources and become a strain on the complimentary units around them. Envision Your Neighborhood: Consider what Blocks are necessary for your neighborhood to thrive. There are no boundaries of what you can create with an expanding library of 200+ blocks. Generate Resources: Each Block you create has inputs and outputs and by understanding how each block is dependent on other blocks, you can create a productive network. Optimize your production and generate abundant resources for the dozens of intricate symbiotic relationships in your neighborhood Avoid Decay: If blocks don't receive the inputs they need, they will decay over time and slowly become abandoned or destroyed. Once a block is abandoned or destroyed, you will have to remove it and avoid it from making other blocks decay further. Be careful as seeking an utopian neighborhood carelessly, can lead to dystopia. Unique Modes: Neighborhood designers can enjoy the new Story Mode, Sandbox Mode, and Challenge Mode with modes for unique and engaging experience for players of all types.

Block'hood Reviews

I have a very strange relationship with Block'hood. I've enjoyed my time with it, though I did get frustrated because my eyes are dumb and don't see colors well. I also never quite felt inspired to create the grandiose skyscrapers that the promotional materials and community show off. The story mode is delightfully elegant and the challenge mode is great for fans of puzzle games, though I don't think this is a game for the hardcore city-building crowd.

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________________________ “I didn't feel much motivation to try new things when old solutions were still perfectly serviceable.

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Build a city block in VR and meet the needs of your residents, or watch it all crumble before you.

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Normally, I wouldn't find much charm in the somewhat simple, blocky graphics. The retro look has been done past the point of a trend, to say the least. But having the elements resemble being made from teeny tiny building blocks is so apt for Block'hood: our world is built with piece by piece, block by block, just as the 'Hood is.

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