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Dynasty Feud

Kaia Studios
May 23, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Dynasty Feud

Dynasty Feud is a funny and addictive about mixing awesome mechanics from other great brawler games together.

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Dynasty Feud is a great brawler with entertaining and dynamic gameplay in a singular context. However, its lack of community and the absence of single player modes makes it hard to recommend.

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This game is fast and fun. With Super Smash Bros. influences, offers an attractive experience for multiplayer and a colorful technical style.

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Fun on short term but no as profound as we would have loved, making this indie game a failed attempt to achieve glory.

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Dynasty Feud attempts to capture the magic of platform brawlers, but instead lacks development of characters and options leaving a mixed opinion for players.

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Dynasty Feud is definitely worth picking up as one of those "must have" party games. The single player may leave you wanting more very quickly but if you can look past this then you'll have a group game that will keep your friends coming back for revenge, round after round.

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Dynasty Feud has everything it needs to be one of the most original takes on the arena fighter genre yet, which makes it all the more disappointing when it somehow manages to drop the ball in nearly every regard. The roster is whimsical and each team of five is fleshed out with their own quirks, but the combat itself feels wholly unbalanced. A slight delay to characters' actions and a lack of fluid mobility makes battles stiff and unnatural, combined with too many stage hazards to count. Deciding exactly where the next combatant in the roster spawns after a death is simply too easy to take advantage of and too difficult to counter. There's a fantastic game hiding inside of Dynasty Feud, but it's going to take a lot of digging before it fully comes out.

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"Speaking in the most general sense possible, Dynasty Feud is a mixed bag. It certainly has some charm and the concept and maps are good, but it still feels like it’s a game stuck in the conceptual phase, lacking the fully fleshed out ideas that would make it a must-play game."

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