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General Information

Available on:PCOct 12, 2016

Developers: Sometimes You, Vladimir Shlapak

Genre: Action

BitMaster is a dynamic and colorful twin-stick shooter which design was inspired by such games as Geometry Wars, Crimson Land and Satellite Reign. Game powered by Unreal Engine 4! You need to destroy the enemies and collect power-ups to improve weapons. Game balance changes periodically, which makes the game unpredictable and difficult to get a high score.

BitMaster Critic Reviews

A player would have to really love something rather ambiguous about BitMaster to actually persevere to its centre. It's nice that some sense of depth can be perceived in that regard, but the game could do a lot more in terms of incentivising this pursuit, since many of these additions seem arbitrary rather than purposeful. Instead it seems like the kind of title that will be consumed rather quickly, then put down just as quickly - and permanently.

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Bitmaster is just average at best, with me finding the overall loop to be serviceable, but not much else. The roguelike aspects of grinding levels and constantly trying again to gain gradual upgrades and new characters seem cool at first, but the slow pacing just doesn’t work for a scorechaser like this, and I found these aspects to be more discouraging of future run attempts, rather than motivating me to go for yet another attempt to see how far I can survive.

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