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Academia: School Simulator

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General Information

Available on:PC2018

Developer: Squeaky Wheel

Genre: Simulation

From the artist of Prison Architect and the studio that brought you Political Animals comes Academia : School Simulator, a simulation game that lets you design, construct, and manage the high school of your dreams! Watch your students as they get bullied, find love, flunk exams, and basically just try to get through the roller-coaster ride that is high school. Will you offer the best teachers and facilities or cheap out and build giant classrooms with a 1:100 student to teacher ratio? It's all up to you! FEATURES: Complex Students : Student motivation is driven by various needs, including hygiene, hunger, and discipline, and they'll become even more complex as time goes on. Varied Faculty : Teachers are complex as well, with different skillsets, teaching styles and motivations. Numerous Facilities : Build Canteens, Clinics, Computer Labs and much , much more. Micromanage your finances : Do the teachers get instant or brewed coffee? Do the kids eat healthy diets or cheap microwave lunches? Customize Your School : Customize your school seal and motto to make a school that is uniquely yours! Two modes : Normal mode requires you to balance your budget and provide the best education that you can with your money, while sandbox lets you go utopian with unlimited money!

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It's time to go back to class! With Academia: School Simulator, you build, design, and manage your own chain of schools. From the layout to the crest, to uniforms and services, you will be in charge of it all. This game is super fun and reminiscent of Prison Architect, but for schools. If you're looking for a laid back simulation game, this may just be it.

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The game also served as a gateway to thinking and reading about the education process and its modern institutions. Academia features plenty of exaggerations and abstractions, required to make the gameplay palatable and the overall experience fun. But it also illuminates issues, like limited resources, that exist in the real world. It took Squeaky Wheel a long time to deliver this gem of a game and I'm already curious to see what element of reality they plan to turn into a management simulation in their next title.

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CryMor Gaming

CryMor Gaming
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Overall though, Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc have done a great job for even a newbie like me to have enjoyed my time with Academia: School Simulator. With loads of options and easy ways to put them into place, who knew building a school could both be easy and fun while also being the biggest nightmare that I’ve ever imposed upon other living beings?

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