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Conga Master Party!

Rising Star Games
Sep 28, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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God is a Geek
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Critic Reviews for Conga Master Party!

Conga Master Party is fun while you're in it, but the appeal is a little short lived, just like a real conga line.

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Conga Master Party is enjoyable, but kind of short if you're playing solo as the Story Mode doesn't take too long to complete once you know what you're doing, and Endless Mode can only go so far.  The multi-player modes on the other hand can make for some fun times among friends.  Sadly it's local multi-player only with no online play or AI opponents to compete against.  It's still fun either way, but more so with friends.

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It's simple but challenging in such an addicting way.

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If it's not already obvious by now, Conga Master Party! is best enjoyed as a multiplayer title. Sure, you can still enjoy the single player, but if you have no one else to play the other part of the game with then - be warned - you're missing out on half the fun. It's a great party title that can be bust out when friends or family are nearby, and you're perhaps seeking some simplistic but cheeky fun that will have you all in hysterics. For the multiplayer alone it's worth your consideration. So set a date and get ready to conga the night away.

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Conga Master Party is a really fun game to play, particularly in multiplayer. It's a real throwback to the primary mobile games, a time when Smartphones were non-existent. Full 360 degree movement, colourful graphics, a quirky soundtrack, and a good progression system make this game a solid entry for indie titles on the Switch.

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I don't expect to come back to this title in the future, but if you're in the market for a quick experience where you don't need to think too much and just have some silly fun then Conga Master Party might be right for you.

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8 / 10

Overall, Conga Master Party! is a fun party game with colorful graphics and hectic gameplay. Its controller setup does need a bit of a trial and error before you can get things just right, but that's part of the fun in the game. The more people you have around for playing, the better your overall experience will be, so be sure to throw a Conga party at your home or on the go!

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Conga Master Party! hasn't evolved much from the days of Conga Master, and, as a result, feels twice as disappointing to see it remain an extremely simplistic and… stale party game. Trying to form the longest conga line in here can certainly be fun, but only for a dull evening or two.

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