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Pinball FX3 – Universal Classics Pinball Pack

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Available on:PCSep 26, 2017

Developer: Zen Studios

Genre: Simulation

Join the adventure and relive the most captivating moments from three timeless blockbuster films in Universal Classics Pinball. - Go behind the wheel of the DeLorean time machine and help Marty and Doc fix the space-time continuum as they travel through the many eras of Hill Valley on the Back to the Future™ Pinball table. - Take down the terrifying great white shark threatening Amity Island or turn the tides in several thrilling game modes on the Jaws Pinball table. - Help E.T. and his friend Elliott contact E.T.’s spacecraft and return to the stars on the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial table. - Leaderboards, score tracking, exciting social features, and more!

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9 / 10

Overall, I definitely recommend that you get the Universal Classics Pinball Pack since all three tables are very enjoyable. For me, Jaws is the weak one in the trio, but it definitely does some interesting things to rightfully gain its right to be included in a pack of classic Universal movies.

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The franchises represented here are amongst the most popular ever put on film, but it is sad that their content could not be perfectly represented with the content not being fully licensed.

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Overall, the Universal Classics Pinball pack is a great addition to Pinball FX 3. If you can live with the lack of original voices or movie scores, you'll find each table to be well thought-out in design, with plenty of opportunities to trigger missions and special events. You'll also find each table to be generous in handing out high scores, which is perfect for increasing your wizard ranking. For genre fans, this is certainly worth picking up.

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The Universal Classics pack of for Pinball FX3 delivers on three charming film-based tables of the '70s and '80s with Back to the Future, Jaws and E.T. With booming soundtracks to complement the tables, each stage captures the essence of their based-films perfectly. From the magical moments of E.T. to the heart-stopping moments of Jaws, there is a lot to do in each during that great chase for the top of the score leaderboards. While some tables are easier than others, it certainly does not make the experience any less fun, as this pack is a great way to begin the table collections for Pinball FX3.

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