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Available on:Nintendo SwitchOct 24, 2017
PCOct 31, 2017

Developer: Nicalis

Genres: Arcade, Action

Witness the horrifying adventures of a mysterious suit of armour known only as “The Knight.” Armed with a mighty sword and equipped with blood-red wings that allow flight, the Knight desperately races through the countryside, never stopping for any respite or consideration. He must face and vanquish a never-ending onslaught of bloodthirsty ghouls, flaming skulls and unspeakable horrors while jumping over spiked pits and flying through small gaps. If he takes three hits or allows three enemies to pass, it’s game over! Knight Terrors goes straight for the jugular: It’s a lurid mash-up of side-scrolling gameplay styles that will remind you of runners that are endless and birds that are flappy. Special effects like screen shaking and time stopping magnify the impact of every enemy interaction. Once you’re hooked, the game keeps pulling you back in to increase your high score and unlock more features. What’s more, the procedurally generated levels ensure unlimited replayability – it’s a different game each and every time you play.

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Knight Terrors is one of the cheapest games on the Switch, and it's a surprisingly good time.

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While the driving force to unlock all the items and game modes doesn't last long, racking up high scores remains both satisfying and addicting. Relatively lengthy load times and a bug are a few blemishes on an otherwise enjoyable game. Like many endless runners your mileage may vary, but for anyone who enjoys the genre, this is an easy recommendation.

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Knight Terrors is a game that feels at home on the Switch because of the Switch’s mobile appeal. It falls right in the category of a cell phone game; it’s something that you’d pick up for a few minutes, play a round, and be on your merry way. It isn’t a living-room blockbuster like a certain plucky plumber keeps producing, but at $3 USD, it’s hard to shake a hat at it… or a Stick of Returning.

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A fantastic combination of the old and new. Small in content, but Knight Terrors gives a quality experience that you can pick up and play any time. It's really cheap, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that takes their Switch on the go a lot and wants something to pass the time.

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