Deer Hunter Reloaded

GameMill Entertainment, Game Mechanic Studios

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Deer Hunter Reloaded

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Oct 24, 2017
Xbox OneOct 24, 2017
PCOct 24, 2017

Developers: GameMill Entertainment, Game Mechanic Studios

Genres: Simulation, Sports

Deer Hunter is Back! Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a 1st person hunting simulation game based off of the #1 hunting franchise in the World. Deer Hunter will provide an authentic hunting experience for players as they venture to some of the top-rated hunting regions in North America from the plains of West Texas to the rugged terrain of Alaska. You will be tracking and hunting various trophy big game animals such as Whitetail, Mule and Sitka Deer, Big Horn and Dall Sheep, Caribou, Elk and much more. The players’ goal will be to level up their characters by earning reward bonuses including; top end gear, gps tracking devices and firearm customizations equipment accessories such as lock-on aim assist. All your hard work will pay-off to help improve your skills by completing challenges in both daily and weekly missions as you embark on epic guided hunts in hopes of becoming a “Master Hunter.” Progressive levels in realistic environments, life-like hunting scenarios as well as reactive animal AI will make you feel like you’re out in the field in heart-pounding action in pursuit of trophy big game! If that wasn’t enough, compete in side hunts with game birds in each region, including different species of ducks and geese. Keep your guard up as the potential for dangerous animal encounters is present in every region with Mountain Lions, Wolves and Bears! Get your “HUNT ON” today!

Deer Hunter Reloaded Reviews

The sad fact is that this is a simple shooting gallery without the things that would make a simple shooting gallery enjoyable.

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Everything about Deer Hunter: Reloaded feels like a mockery of hunting and gamers that happen to enjoy hunting. From the horrific animations to pointless single-track mobility to the fact that you can simply game the system by fast traveling between areas to refresh their animals. Though it may be something of a port of the mobile Deer Hunter, what we have on Xbox One is a mess of bad animations, unrealistic bullet physics, and a near-identical acquisition yet horrific attempt at Rebellion's signature X-Ray slow motion Kill Cam is laughably bad. If you truly despise someone, Deer Hunter: Reloaded would be the perfect gift to give them.

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Simply put, it feels like a hunting game made by somebody who has never gone hunting.

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Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a puzzling release, it's empty and soulless.

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