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Party Planet

Everglow Interactive Inc.
Dec 12, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Party Planet

Party Planet looks wonderful on the surface with a bright, colourful, and slick interface that suggests you have a top-quality game in your hands. Unfortunately, though, a series of mini-games that vary from being good to disappointing may well start to feel rather stale after a short time; everything is nice and interesting at first, but there's little reason to keep playing once you've seen each game a couple of times.If you're looking for a game that can successfully get the family gathered around the TV to play together, Party Planet will definitely be able to do that – how long for is another matter, however. We fear that this particular title isn't for life, it might just be for Christmas.

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Party Planet succeeds at offering a lot of variety in one package, but the quality of the games wildly varies.

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Party Planet is 30 awful mini-games, 12 of which can only be played solo. It's really bad.

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An uninspired presentation and 30 worse versions of games — most of which you can find dozens of other clones of for free on a mobile device or flash site — make Party Planet a total ripoff. It's lazy and it's not worth the cost. Do yourself or whoever you might plan to buy this for a favor and put that $30 towards something more worth your money.

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I definitely recommend that you get Party Planet on Nintendo Switch since it's a very fun and colorful party game that is great for playing with family and friends. The variety in games means there's certainly a game or two that some players will love above the rest, while also having a handful of favorites on the side.

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7 / 10

With so many games in Party Planet there's definitely going to be some you're going to really like, while others might feel a bit boring. Overall, it's a good mix of games, especially if you have kids to play with. The one complaint I have is that I didn't like that a lot of the games were locked up instead of being made available from the start. After playing for several hours, there were still five games left to unlock. But if you're looking for a new party game for Nintendo Switch, this one might scratch that itch.

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The most enjoyment you'll get out of Party Planet is having a few laughs at some of the mini-games.

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When Party Planet was announced I’ll admit to feeling some level of nervousness. Game packs like this have a history of crashing and burning critically even while they may be widely purchased by families in search of something to play together. I’m happy to report that overall I found the collection of games offered to be pretty impressive, even if often derivative, and fun to play both solo and with the family. The diverse selection of games should, in terms of both style and skill required, practically guarantee that there will be something that just about anyone, no matter the age, should enjoy.

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