Phosphor Games Studio, Nether Productions
Jun 5, 2014 - PC

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Nether | Steam | Phosphor games | Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Nether

Nether's dire world can be immersive, but glaring issues ranging from unbalanced mechanics to glitches prevent you from getting swept away.

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Nether has a lot of potential to be a great game, but unfortunately it suffers from odd design choices that make the gameplay experience an exercise in repeat frustration. The addition of microtransactions and premium currency was an unfortunate decision to include in a game focused around the survival gameplay genere. Nether is difficult to recommend as a purchase as similar and better games are available to players.

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All in all, Nether is a great time. It's a highly engaging and realized survival experience; something we need more of.

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Game Oracle

Nether is fun and entertaining, but slow in the beginning stages. Playing and surviving is easier if you stay out of combat at first. Stick to scavenging from the environment and finding useful resources you can trade for food and other items you need to survive. Stay out of sight and hide in the shadows.

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Nether had potential to add compelling cooperative and social features to the DayZ survival experience, but ends up half-baked in almost every way. Released far too soon and crying out for several more months of development, it's hard to recommend this glitchy cut-throat package.

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Although Nether still has quite a ways to go until it can offer a rich and fulfilling experience, it's definitely looking like it's going to get there. There are many things missing, but, to be fair, it's still early access.

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It's not easy to score a game like Nether. Its half-finished state inevitably means that most of what it has to offer is not up to scratch…yet. A tentative four it is then, in the hope that Phosphor will put in the work and allow its game to reach its full potential. Until that point only the most dedicated survivalists should bother.

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