Hammerfall Publishing, Robot House
Dec 12, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Rumu

Rumu combines some superb character work and heady sci-fi themes into a heart-wrenching story about love, family, and loneliness.

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Rumu is slightly held back by easy puzzles, but the fantastic story, wonderful character development, and lovely audio video package do a lot to make this robot's journey of self-discovery worth it.

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There may be much of Rumu's narrative that is not wholly original, but the story excels as it engages modern human sensibilities.

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Rumu made me fall for this cute little vacuum cleaner -- I adored it. The little bleeps whenever I told someone I loved them -- heart melts. But the game also tackles a subject matter I'm highly interested in, especially in today's age of technology. It also challenges and poses interesting questions about human emotions and by the final moments, I was genuinely moved. Some of Rumu's final words before the game's end really hit me. All of this from a game about a cleaning appliance.

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