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General Information

Available on:PCDec 4, 2017

Developer: Funforge

Genre: Strategy

You are a traveler, in the heart of ancient Japan, walking the legendary East Sea road from Kyoto to Edo, trying to make the trek as fulfilling as possible. Discover the most magnificent landscapes, taste numerous culinary specialties, acquire rare and precious souvenirs, bathe in hot springs, visit the temples, and meet other travelers…. Tokaido is a rite of passage for the heart, walking in serenity and contemplation. But do not be fooled by the peaceful appearance of the voyage, because you will have to demonstrate stronger strategy than your opponents if you want to win! Whether you sneak along as a messenger, a geisha, or even a ronin, you must discover as many hidden marvels as you can along the road, so your journey is the most satisfying of all!

Tokaido Reviews

Tokaido isn't something I can play multiple games of in one sitting -- single sessions at a time are enough. Thankfully, there's options for solo, pass and play, and online capabilities (as long as you register for a proprietary Funforge account) so whenever I do want to jump back in, I can. Digital or physical Tokaido has a somewhat polarizing reputation among hardcore hobbyists, but I personally love seeing it cycle in frequently.

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With no campaign mode, and currently without the expansions that many Tokaido players consider essential to the experience, the digital Tokaido‘s main fault is a lack of variety or compelling reasons for long play sessions. I can see myself dipping back in occasionally and thoroughly enjoying myself for twenty or forty minutes, but I don’t think I could spend an evening traversing Tokaido‘s mysterious mountain, as beautiful as it is.

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