Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Reviews

Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury is ranked in the 1st percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
1 / 10.0
Jan 11, 2018

With almost everything costing 10 times what it is worth, weak base content and an impossibly long grind for what limited content there is, it's practically impossible to see a bright side to Raiders of the Broken Planet. Well, besides the fact practically no one is falling for it.

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3 / 10.0
Jan 18, 2018

A disappointing romp through an underwhelming narrative from an unpleasant game. Overall, just a poor time. Has the potential to be decent, but is ultimately bogged down by the plethora of issues the base game forces upon it.

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Top Critic
6 / 10
Apr 28, 2018

Raiders of the Broken Planet is slowly moving into actual 'good game' territory, but it sadly might be too late by now. Wardog Fury is a nice expansion and the asking price seems well within reason. Unfortunately, the way the game is set up, and the paltry playerbase, makes this hard for someone to jump into. This is a bit of a strange game to review because most of the major issues here are infrastructure-based and the action itself is actually fun. It is a release that a lot of people will want to like, but it doesn't always seem like it wants people to like it. It is hard to say for sure if the entire experience is worth it without playing the other campaigns, but Wardog Fury by itself is enough fun to warrant a look. If you can find someone to play it with, that is.

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