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Available on:PCFeb 20, 2018

Developer: Evan Rogers

Genre: Adventure

Gary is a mess, and he's trying to be a better person. Help him tackle his not very fantastic life, and also help him play a fantasy game in his free time. But as he discovers, the fantasy is more than it seems... TACTICAL COMBAT Gary spends his evenings playing Legend of the Spear, a fantasy adventure game in which the hero and his friends journey through strange lands and engage in hand-to-hand combat with a variety of creatures. These battles take place on a hexagonal grid. On each turn, all fighters act simultaneously. You must decide what action each member of your party will perform. There are no dice rolls, no time pressure, and with each choice you can watch how the turn will resolve before you commit. But with each encounter the enemies will bring new tactics of their own, and defeating them will become increasingly tricky. You will expand your repertoire of moves as you venture on, opening up a variety of different solutions to each problem. The battles in Legendary Gary are designed to be a stress-free exercise in problem solving. INTERACTIVE STORY Between gaming sessions, Gary has a normal life to live. You're like his subconscious, guiding his decisions about what to say and do. He has some tough choices to make, and he needs your help! You'll soon find that Gary's friends and family are depending on him, and your decisions can have a large effect on their lives. HAND-DRAWN ART I drew it all myself! Really! It's no Uncharted, but I'm proud of it. I hope you like it!

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Steve C
7 / 10

Legendary Gary is a fascinating take on the immersive nature of games. It is the very definition of an indie game, and well worth playing.

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A game about a game within a game, Legendary Gary is weird and cool and utterly, genuinely unique. Some parts may be frighteningly familiar, and surprisingly emotional.

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Roughly a four-hour experience, Legendary Gary is a strange game to sum up, but one that's totally worth your time. Unlike anything I've ever played before, its unique mixture of fantasy and reality makes for a thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes funny journey that often touches too close to home.

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An affecting an imaginative narrative game with inventive, if not particularly challenging, turn based combat. Legendary Gary’s characters occasionally feel flat, but it makes up for it with a unique, well-realised world. You probably already know whether it's going to be for you, and if you’re at all intrigued, I can’t see you being disappointed.

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