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Available on:PCMar 14, 2018

Developer: Eko

Genre: Interactive Story

You shape the story as Kelly and her clan of misfit hackers transform from pranksters to international hacker celebrities, taking on the powers that be under the handle #WarGames. #WarGames is a new interactive video experience from Sam Barlow, but this is something very different from Her Story. This is the entire first season of the series that watches you. How does it work? Think about the fact that everything you do on your PC is interactive EXCEPT when video plays. We've cracked that, creating a seamless interactive video experience that is personal to you. In #WarGames, experience the story with Kelly (aka L1ghtman) and her hacktivist friends. The story plays out via the main characters’ webcams, smart phones and video feeds. As you choose where to focus, we’re going to notice that. As the show progresses, we use that information to shape Kelly’s character. Your experience of the show is unique to you.
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#WarGames is interesting enough for its two-hour runtime to keep you invested, but feels more like a proof-of-concept than a fulfilling tale

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Interactive entertainment is the holy grail of many game developers-cum-movie makers, and in #WarGames we have another nice idea flawed by the story being told and the lack of clear interaction granted to the player.

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Like the cast over your broken leg from the long jump you weren't able to finish, no matter how good the rest of the experience is, that is what people will remember.

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