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Kunos Simulazioni
Dec 19, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Assetto Corsa : Now available on Steam

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Critic Reviews for Assetto Corsa


No Recommendation / Blank

There's a superb driving simulation at the core of this rough-hewn package, but it's strictly for enthusiasts only.

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Despite its amazing driving simulation, Assetto Corsa just doesn't get the racing right. Out on track alone it feels amazing; there's no denying the remarkable realism Kunos Simulazioni has captured here. Unfortunately the team just hasn't been able to wrap a comprehensive or competitive racing experience around it this time.

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Even without turning to those updates and additions, there's enough to celebrate. You could put any car on any track and lose yourself in the simulation for hours, squinting through sun caught in the smeared perspex windscreen of a Z4 GT as it sets over Spa and you pick out entry, apex and exit points, or pawing an Elise this way and that through the swerves of Magione. Assetto Corsa's laser focus on the driving experience works wonders - and when it comes to replicating that simple, brilliant pleasure, there's no other game right now that does it better.

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Assetto Corsa is a great-looking, excellent-sounding, meticulously crafted simulation that offers a very realistic racing experience. Its authenticity does come at a cost, however - it's very difficult to drive well, and requires a considerable investment of your time to get the most out of it. However, if you're a hardcore racing enthusiast who loves a challenge, Assetto Corsa is one of the best driving sims available.

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With that said, hopefully the game grows over time. I know Evolution Studios turned Driveclub into an enjoyable experience after a failed launch. Maybe Kunos Simulazioni can do the same for Assetto Corsa.

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While the car handling and actual driving is excellent, Kunos Simulazioni don't successfully turn this into an enjoyable game, stuffing it with single player events and a career that are both frustrating rather than fun. At its best, Assetto Corsa is quite simply a sublime driving sim. I just wish I could say that without caveats.

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Assetto Corsa is the new benchmark for console racing games, a truly masterpiece, the real driving simulation.

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A valiant effort, but far better sims exist.

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