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Gone Fireflies

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 20, 2018

Developer: Quiet Bay Studio

Genres: Interactive Story, RPG

James Reed is a detective called out one night to investigate the apparent suicide of a woman and the sudden disappearance of her husband, Thomas May. Play as both of these men in this short story-driven experience as you learn about how they lived, how they loved, how they lost, and how the decisions they made changed not only their lives, but of those around them. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Quiet Bay Studio's debut title, Gone Fireflies, is a brief, linear experience that lets you turn the story one page at a time by talking with the game's characters, finding and interacting with objects in the environment, and making choices in both action and conversation which determine the final pages of this interactive tale. This is a slower paced game that emphasizes dialogue and story over traditional RPG elements and adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------- KEY FEATURES An emotional story-driven experience Multiple dialogue options during conversations Investigate, and discover optional content Multiple endings based on the choices you make Beautiful music by Jeremy Wray, Nicolas Gasparini, and Kevin MacLeod

Gone Fireflies Critic Reviews

A lovely debut title that makes me wonder what Quiet Bay Studio will come up with next.

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I was asked to review this, and while the results are exactly what you’d expect from throwing someone who’s dead inside at a tearjerker, it was at least interesting.

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Alex Irish

Gone Fireflies was clearly made on a low budget with the best intentions. It uses RPG Maker as a vehicle for pure storytelling. Its asset-driven build shows all too well, with generic clip art balanced by a beautiful musical score. It’s a breezy experience you’ll finish in around an hour, but to its credit, its thematic depth at least warrants a playthrough, maybe two. Given it’s only $4.99 and takes around an hour to complete, it’s at least worth it to see Gone Fireflies‘ pathos-heavy story.

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