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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchApr 26, 2018

Publisher: Sonic Powered Co.

High-speed, easy action! SKYPEACE is now available on Nintendo Switch! SKYPEACE is a high-speed action game where you clear stages by carefully avoiding the enemies that appear. Feel refreshed using simple manoeuvres to get tons of coins! Collect consecutive coins to trigger a combo, and string together combos to get a hi-score. Also enjoy a different challenge by earning achievements through a variety of conditions! Enjoy exhilarating high-speed action unfolding in the air!

SkyPeace Critic Reviews

SkyPeace was made with the very best intentions, of that I'm certain. But even though the game punches above its weight in terms of presentation for its monetary price, it's still asking for the player's time, and even though it's modest with what it asks of you there, too, it's just not giving enough in return.

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SkyPeace is a brief game that doesn't fail to impress with its simplicity and strong graphical presence. Players will enjoy its simple yet challenging gameplay and most gamers will find some replay value in attempting to beat their scores and unlock achievements.

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