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Without Within 3

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 3, 2018

Developer: InvertMouse

Genre: Interactive Story

Best story ever... keep it up honey! - Vinty's mummy * * * Singaporeans have reported ghost sightings of Kiki, a calligrapher who had passed away several years ago. Meanwhile, Vinty receives a mysterious letter with a flight ticket to Singapore. As an aspiring calligrapher, she must learn the truth behind those Kiki appearances. Even in death, Kiki continues to hog the spotlight. Must Vinty remain as a nobody for as long as she lives (yeah, probably)? * * * Longest journey yet: Players often ask for longer stories from me. Without Within 3 is double the length of WOWI 2, so while I still oppose against padding, I hope I have found a happy balance. Please enjoy Vinty's third (mis)adventure! Travel with Vinty: Vinty travels to Singapore and Malaysia throughout Without Within 3. Just like in the prequel, there will be links to real life footage of the places Vinty visits. I hope players will enjoy touring alongside Vinty as the story unfolds.

Without Within 3 Reviews

An enjoyable romp that gets me interested in the past and future of this series.

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InvertMouse sure hit the bullseye with his adventure/visual novel game "Without Within 3". Because its a masterpiece of a visual novel, and this is the reason why.

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