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Asemblance: Oversight

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Available on:PlayStation 4May 15, 2018
PCMay 15, 2018

Developer: Nilo Studios

Genres: Puzzle, First-Person Shooter

We were chosen for a reason.

One incredible breakthrough and the greatest minds of each generation were called upon to do the impossible — recreate a precise simulation of the human mind.

But beneath all that competing genius hides a terrible truth. Ask the wrong questions or pry too deep, and you’ll be dealt with… accordingly. 

Nothing is impenetrable. You just need proper oversight. 

How far will you go for the truth? 


"Asemblance: Oversight" is a first-person exploration and puzzle-based game.  You are part of a team of scientists and engineers charged with using a classified technology to aid in recreating the human mind. Your success relies on unraveling the truth surrounding the origins of this strange technology, and outsmarting the ones who will do anything to keep it secret.

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Asemblance: Oversight – Release Trailer | PS4

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6 / 10.0
Samuel Guglielmo

Asemblance: Oversight is the kind of game for someone who enjoys ARGs and tearing a piece of art apart to understand it, and it does that well. Everyone else may have trouble finding much to care about.

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Rely On Horror

9 / 10.0
Rely On Horror

Asemblance: Oversight picks up where NiLo left off, providing players with an enjoyable brain tease. How can you be trusted with the answers, if you aren't even sure of the question?

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8 / 10

If you're a fan of first-person adventures, also known as walking simulators, then you should definitely check out Asemblance: Oversight. If you tried the previous episode and liked what you experience, then this one is an easy sell since you'll be able to see where the team is taking things and what they might aim to do with a new episode to follow on what was presented in Asemblance: Oversight.

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The best Asemblance: Oversight has to offer is the hunt for all the endings, not so much the lead up to that.

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