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May 9, 2018 - PC
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Critic Reviews for RPGolf

There's a good idea in RPGolf, but it doesn't have the game mechanics to shine. The simplification of the golf mechanics is fine, as is the idea behind the combat. However, the enemy behavior and the other missing quality of life issues make this game more of a chore than something you'll want to be excited about. Its relatively cheap price means it's reasonable to buy it to check it out anyway, but don't expect much from it.

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A quirky, fun premise let down by poor design and implementation. Bright but inconsistent visuals and reliance on meme-style humour can't disguise the lack of fun within this budget RPG/Golf hybrid.

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Fans of golf RPGs? We’ve had a tough time of it lately. Recent Mario Golf entries have failed to deliver the depth of the Game Boy gems. The sequel to indie hit Golf Story, Sports Story? It’s on the way, we hear, but not as quickly as fans would want. So if you like this particular combination, you may be seeking out a stopgap.

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RPGolf doesn’t make a particularly memorable first impression, but this is one of those games that exerts a certain pull that sees you continuing to play despite not understanding exactly why that is.

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