Slam Land

Bread Machine Games
Aug 7, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Slam Land Trailers

Slam Land release date trailer. Coming August 7, 2018 thumbnail

Slam Land release date trailer. Coming August 7, 2018

Slam Land Testing! And Cuphead! thumbnail

Slam Land Testing! And Cuphead!

Slam Land Testing! New Skins! thumbnail

Slam Land Testing! New Skins!

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Critic Reviews for Slam Land

SLAM LAND combines a great art style with a decently fun couch co-op basketball hybrid game, in which dunking your friends and objects in the only objective in the game. Although there is a decent amount of content here, the lack of unlockables and no online play gives little incentive to come back to or continue playing SLAM LAND.

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Overall, Slam Land is the perfect game for families and friends who want a lighthearted yet very competitive experience. It does not currently support online play, so make some room on your couch for a slamming good time.

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While there was fun to be had with the absolute bonkers nature of Slam Land, the fun ran out very quickly. It soon became evident that the mechanics were half-baked, and the disorientation that the game depends on for fun eventually turns into annoyance. At $7.99, the game is at least at a decent price—but with so many four-player action party games out there, the only reason to choose this over the rest would be to check out its weirdness, and even that would only last an hour at most. There are more coherent, if but less flamboyant, games of its ilk out there, ultimately making Slam Land a difficult sell.

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When you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, Slam Land is a local-only party game with a genuinely likable art style and a great concept. The audio is bouncy, fun, and accompanies the game's overall feel. Other than that, it really doesn't have much else going for it.

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There's not a whole lot to Slam Land. The game is only $7.99 but I don't think you'll get much value from the game even at that price. The gameplay loop just isn't satisfying enough. It's a simple premise and results in an overly simple game.

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If you have a game night with a group of friends who like playing a handful of silly multiplayer games that'll cause laughter and aggravation when getting too competitive, Slam Land with its visual goofiness, quirks, and crazy on-screen dunk action will belong beautifully as part of your rotation. I'll have a bunch of fun with my friends when they come to visit next, but the game will likely go untouched until then.

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Slam Land shows off a lot of potential, but never truly realizes it. It is still a fun and humorous experience with friends, just don’t expect a deep and rewarding experience.

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