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Aug 20, 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Morphies Law: PAX West Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Morphies Law


No Recommendation / Blank

A fun gimmick is hampered by a lack of polish and structural issues, making this a transformative shooter with serious growing pains.

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Saddled by amateurish design, unskilled gunplay, and technical issues, Morphies Law fails as an online shooter. The game does have a great core concept and aesthetic, but it just falls short at every step. Not even its robust offline mode and customization system can prop up a shooter too flawed to receive even a feeble recommendation.

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If not for light content and clunky online, Morphies Law would stand out on the Switch indie scene. Offline, the unique size-changing gameplay works very well and the available maps and modes are encouraging. The game will be much easier to recommend if online stability and more content are ever added via DLC in the future. In the meantime, though, if you have several Switch-owning friends who can get together for some download play, or if you just really want to run around with misshapen offline bots, then Morphies Law may be a worthy addition to your library.

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Morphies Law is a laughable game. But you laugh at it, not with it. If the mass transfer might be a very well-though alternative to the TPS genre, the game's physics and unstable controls will irritate the msot patient of gamers. It's three varied modes might have been a good excuse to grind and try the different weapons offered by the game, but I might by quite difficult to enjoy Morphies Law otherwise than being passably drunk.

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The concept of Morphies Law does not quite fit in the available descriptions and that can only be good for a game to stand out thanks to the originality of its gameplay mechanics, something which Morphies Law deserves with all merit. This does not mean the experience is free of criticism and the game's rather short content and limitations to its local multiplayer experience, as well as lack of clarity regarding cross platform compatibility, end up harming Morphies Law's potential.

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The newest Nintendo Switch competitive shooter Morphies Law feels unfinished, but there's plenty of potential in its unique approach to combat.

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While Morphies Law lacks the grandeur of Splatoon 2 and the F2P gratification of Fortnite, there's no denying that its mass-shifting gimmick has legs - giant ones, at that. It just needs the right kind of post-launch TLC from its developer and some smart adjustments to both net code and player progression. With added gyro controls making the most of those Joy-Cons (should you want to gather mass via motion controls) and support for local play with up to eight players (as opposed to online's four), this indie shooter has the potential to grow into a genuine sleeper hit.

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On paper, the concepts of Morphies Law sound original and creative, but once you dive into the game, you'll find a more shallow experience than you were expecting. And that's disappointing—while it may sound like I'm harping on the game for copying others, I love all of the games that inspired it and was hoping that this would be another unexpected indie darling for my beloved Nintendo Switch. But ultimately, Morphies Law ended up being less like Splatoon, and more like the game's namesake, Murphy's Law—a lot of things could have gone wrong with this game, and they did.

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