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Morphies Law

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Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 20, 2018

Developer: Cosmoscope

Genres: Action, Third-Person Shooter

Change your size to change your powers in Morphies Law, a local and online team-based multiplayer shooter for Nintendo Switch!

With teams of shape-shifting robots, this is no ordinary shooter! Hitting a Morphie’s body part will make it shrink...and make that same body part on the shooter grow. As the size of each body part changes, your abilities will change too, forcing you to change tactics as well. Larger legs will improve your jumping game, and your hand size changes the way you use your grappling hook. Clever players might even transform their allies on purpose.

Your team’s Avatar is only as big as your team members combined, so keep it safe! The team with the tallest Avatar wins the round!

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Morphies Law: PAX West Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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No Recommendation / Blank

A fun gimmick is hampered by a lack of polish and structural issues, making this a transformative shooter with serious growing pains.

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30 / 100

Saddled by amateurish design, unskilled gunplay, and technical issues, Morphies Law fails as an online shooter. The game does have a great core concept and aesthetic, but it just falls short at every step. Not even its robust offline mode and customization system can prop up a shooter too flawed to receive even a feeble recommendation.

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6 / 10

The concept of Morphies Law does not quite fit in the available descriptions and that can only be good for a game to stand out thanks to the originality of its gameplay mechanics, something which Morphies Law deserves with all merit. This does not mean the experience is free of criticism and the game's rather short content and limitations to its local multiplayer experience, as well as lack of clarity regarding cross platform compatibility, end up harming Morphies Law's potential.

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4 / 10.0
Chris Compendio

On paper, the concepts of Morphies Law sound original and creative, but once you dive into the game, you'll find a more shallow experience than you were expecting. And that's disappointing—while it may sound like I'm harping on the game for copying others, I love all of the games that inspired it and was hoping that this would be another unexpected indie darling for my beloved Nintendo Switch. But ultimately, Morphies Law ended up being less like Splatoon, and more like the game's namesake, Murphy's Law—a lot of things could have gone wrong with this game, and they did.

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