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Radiant One

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 30, 2018

Developer: Fntastic

Genre: Adventure

Radiant One is an illusory, story-driven adventure with mystical elements. Trying to escape from boring life and social media, one day Daniel found a mysterious book about lucid dreams. Very quickly he was able to do incredible things, create amazing worlds and fly during sleep until one day his dreams fell under the power of something inexplicable, something terrible conceived by the Universe itself… Help Daniel survive, pass the test and get enlightenment. Radiant One inspired by minimalist 3D design, is a unique, hand-crafted world of Daniel to explore. It’s designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.

Radiant One Critic Reviews

Radiant One's concept of dreams is an interesting one, but it is just not fleshed out enough. This is one title that is more of a snack than a full-fledged release, making it a hard sell for those looking for an immersive tale.

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Some dexterity is required with the addition of context-specific quick time events, which include rhythm-based clicking and constant mashing of the mouse button; however, they’re used sparingly, and never offer any real challenge.

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