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General Information

Available on:PCMar 24, 2015

Developer: Virtual Racing Industries Ltd.

Genres: Simulation, Racing

VRC Pro takes you deep into the world of cutting edge, modern RC cars. You can race up to 15 different RC cars on real existing mini race tracks all around the world; all fully customizable & tunable. With top speeds of around 120 km/h (75 Mph) and insane acceleration on ultra tight tracks; get ready to experience a whole new level of racing! GAMEPLAY & REALISM: Build your RC racing career in an online E-sport community with over 150.000 racers, from beginners to advanced. Join online championships and Internet Multiplayer racing with your electric or nitro powered racing machine. Or if you're a casual racer, have fun JUMPING, BASHING, FLIPPING and CRASHING! Available cars: ✓ Nitro buggies ✓ Electric buggies ✓ Short course trucks ✓ Rally cross cars ✓ Touring cars ✓ Drifter cars ✓ Pan cars ✓ NASCAR trucks ✓ more cars are being added all the time... VRC PRO is by far the most realistic RC racing simulator available today, with over 14 years of non-stop physics and vehicle dynamics development. This sim is supported by over 40 industry leading RC brands and organizations. Real existing mini race tracks have been modeled in precise detail. E-SPORT RACING Experience the world of high-end RC racing motorsport! VRC Pro features a serious, competitive E-sport game environment with over 150.000 registered racers, including top class racers from the real RC racing scene. Join online championships at your own level and make your way up to the top. All vehicles are cutting edge modern RC racing machines -fully customizable and tunable- exactly like in real world racing. E-sport features: - Online championships (on-going race series, any day, anytime) - Internet multiplayer racing (up to 10 cars, anytime) - Time trials (best day, week and month records) - Training with opponent cars GAME FEATURES: - 15 cars (onroad & offroad, 1:12 to 1:8 scale) - 22 tracks (indoor & outdoor) - online race events - internet multiplayer - time trials - ghost cars & practice opponents - achievements - car tuning & customization - build your car from scratch - rostrum view, 1st person view and behind-car view - keyboard, gamepad and joystick support EXPERIENCE THE FLOW: Get ready to experience the unique flow of RC racing. With RC racing, you are both spectator and racer at the same time. Yes, this is challenging, but once mastered it is one of the most rythmic, rewarding and addictive flow experiences you will ever have! Welcome to the World of high-end RC racing! Keyboard, gamepad and joysticks are supported.

VRC PRO Critic Reviews

The cars respond realistically in VRC PRO, so don't make the mistake of thinking it will be easy, especially if you aren't willing to invest the time to practice and the funds to get a suitable controller. If you do choose to do so, VRC PRO will reward you with the opportunity to use them to prove your mettle against either AI drivers or in online multiplayer races.

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VRC Pro is a really fun game for both hobbyists and fans of the racing genre alike. Despite this game’s obscurity and specific fanbase, it really does have quite a bit to offer to players. The incredible amount of customization alone gives racing fans a chance to build the machine of their dreams for a fraction of the price of an actual build. If anything, this game is worth a try.

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