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General Information

Available on:PCNov 7, 2017
Nintendo SwitchNov 20, 2018

Developer: Fred Wood

kuso is the sequel to LOVE, and maintains the same focus on creating a fair challenge for players to complete and master. You have the ability to run, jump, and leave your own checkpoint. Make your way through acid, long jumps, disappearing platforms, bouncers, giant saws, and much more in this dreadful mechanical world. If you're looking for a game that'll challenge your platforming skills, give you something excellent to listen to, and a game to master, kuso is the game for you. Features: • 41 Levels with unique music for each stage • Local 2 Player Race Mode across 32 Levels • Speedrun Mode allows players to compete for the fastest time • Time Attack Mode allows players to master individual levels for the fastest time • A completely original soundtrack by James Bennett • Collectibles and Secrets for players to find • 24 Achievements • Dedicated Speedrun Leaderboards for Individual Levels and Campaign Runs • Full Controller Support for XInput Gamepads

kuso Reviews

Played either as a whole package with unlimited lives, or in hard mode with only a few, kuso is as challenging as you want it to be. You can play the kuso and LOVE campaigns separately or joined together as one mega-campaign. Then you'll have all the extra bonus stages and easter eggs to find. Paired with the hypnotic graphics and astonishingly atmospheric soundtrack from James Bennett, kuso is both accessible and difficult, and it's a little gem on the Switch.

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It feels polished and plays wonderfully, and I am looking forward to its predecessor, LOVE, hitting Switch in 2019. My only critique is that it's over too soon, but I will be diving back in to find all of the secrets, play more of the versus mode, and enjoy that sweet soundtrack. For those that know the meaning of “kuso” in Japanese, I can safely say that while that might accurately describe the visuals, the gameplay is the complete opposite.

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kuso - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer (kuso, a game by Fred Wood) thumbnail

kuso - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer (kuso, a game by Fred Wood)

kuso [Update Trailer] + Nintendo Switch Version! kuso, a game by Fred Wood thumbnail

kuso [Update Trailer] + Nintendo Switch Version! kuso, a game by Fred Wood

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kuso Gameplay Trailer - Available Now


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