Anyone's Diary

Cultural Gestio
Jan 31, 2019 - PlayStation VR

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68 / 100
PlayStation Universe
5.5 / 10
PSX Brasil
70 / 100
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Anyone's Diary

An interesting VR proposal that convinces on the audiovisual and the narrative way to tell its story, but it suffers technical shortcommings and bugs (we had to restart some chapters a couple of times)... Nothing that cannot be fixed with a patch. It's not a long experience: the end can be reached in an hour (3 more runs to get all the trophies).

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Anyone's Diary might be worth a look for anyone interested in game development and this game's particular history. The visuals on display are often impressive. But for the average player, I suspect that the game's bugs and short length will be deal breakers. When a game is regularly erasing your progress, the best intentions in the world won't save it.

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Anyone's Diary is a great addition to the PlayStation VR game catalog, thanks to its artistic look and its proposal. However, because of its short duration, repetitive gameplay and lack of challenge, its experience is impaired.

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Anyone’s Diary may have left me confused about its story but I really enjoyed the visuals and puzzles. Sure, we do see the same mechanic for the puzzles repeated a few times as you travel through this artistic puzzle platformer, but each puzzle has its own spin on the mechanic and keeps you interested. The design choice to have everything made out of drawings and writing from your diary really helps create a surreal and symbolic experience in this twisted world.

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