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Game Information

Available on:PCFeb 27, 2019
Nintendo SwitchFeb 28, 2019

Developer: noname studio

Publisher: UNTIES

Genre: Action

BATTLLOON is a cute and casual PvP action game which pits you against your friends in a battle of bouncing balloons! Plays up to 4 players!

The rules are simple!

All you have to do is to bump other players into the spikes! May the best balloon win!

With its simple controls, anyone can play this bouncy game of battling balloons!

From a unique point system allowing even beginners to have a chance at winning to a "Ghost" system where ousted players can still enact sweet revenge, BATTLLOON has something for balloons of all ages!


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BATTLLOON - Official Trailer | Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

BATTLLOON - Official Trailer | Nintendo Switch™

BATTLLOON TokyoGameShow 2018 GAMEPLAY - 9/19/2018 thumbnail

BATTLLOON TokyoGameShow 2018 GAMEPLAY - 9/19/2018

BATTLLOON BETA GAMEPLAY - 2/2/2018 thumbnail



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Nintendo Enthusiast

6 / 10.0
Nintendo Enthusiast

Like many other eShop multiplayer titles, BATTLLOON is a decently fun, unique, and budget-friendly supplement to more complete multiplayer experiences like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Mario Kart 8. However, it is bested by many of its download-only peers–you are doing yourself a disservice if you pick up BATTLLOON before investigating alternatives like Ultimate Chicken Horse and Towerfall. Still, it is by no means a bad purchase, provided you are okay with a bare-bones but good time.

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5.5 / 10.0

For some cheap and quick entertainment, it barely does the job, and even then I think you're better off just letting this one fly away.

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