Technosphere Reload

Adaptive Game
May 15, 2019 - PC
40 / 100
The Games Machine
6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Technosphere Reload

Technosphere Reload is a neat game in concept only – the gameplay mechanics are all there, but the level design and excessive difficulty ruin any potential fun. There’s just too much pressure on the gamer – whether it’s managing your Technosphere’s battery, or carefully navigating the end of a level because you only have one life left and don’t want to start it from scratch.

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Technosphere Reload could have been a challenging and addictive puzzle platformer. However, a problematic camera and all the hidden obstacles and traps make the experience too much frustrating.

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In the year 2590AD the Atlas corporation is excavating for crystals in an asteroid which is orbiting Earth. Something horrendous has gone wrong in the asteroid and it’s orbital correction has been disabled. The Technosphere is the only hope to reload the asteroid system and restore its orbit around earth before disaster strikes and wipes out Earth and all its inhabitants…..and one other tiny detail: you have 10 hours to succeed in saving Earth. Yes that’s right 10 hours….. that certainly add’s a sudden sense of urgency to the gameplay. Nice enough gameplay until the glitch...

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