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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 18, 2019
Xbox OneJun 18, 2019
PCOct 17, 2017

Developer: Funomena

Genre: Adventure

A Bird's peaceful summer slumber is disturbed by the majestic call of a mysterious Owl. Enticed to swallow the last piece of the waning Moon, Bird is blown far from its Golden Gate home.

Unscramble celestial puzzles and create miniature musical worlds. Re-awaken shadowy forests and bring life back to sparkling lakes. Discover hidden creatures, help the Bird reunite the fragmented Moon... and find its way home.

Brought to you by Funomena’s uniquely diverse team of veteran developers (Journey, Flower, Boom Blox, The Sims 2) Luna is an interactive fable about learning by the light of unexpected mistakes.

Solve celestial puzzles to unlock each level's tree, plant and animal spirits.Place, customize and interact with them in miniature, musical terrariums. Bring each world to life, revealing Austin Wintory’s haunting, enchanting score.
Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Coming soon to 2D on November 22nd, 2017!
Luna - Launch Trailer | PS VR thumbnail

Luna - Launch Trailer | PS VR

Luna - VR Launch Trailer thumbnail

Luna - VR Launch Trailer

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Push Square

7 / 10
Graham Banas

While lean on content, Funomena delivers a bite-sized title that offers one of PSVR's more meditative experiences. Extremely relaxing, the title's puzzle, art, and music work in concert to deliver a title that had us smiling from beginning to end. The game has such a warm sincerity that it's nigh impossible to not get swept up in its charm. If you're on the fence, but have PSVR, the recommendation to pick it up is a no brainer.

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Just Push Start

3.25 / 5.0
Just Push Start

Overall, Luna falls into the trap a lot of experience games do. It looks amazing and has some cool features, such as VR, there just isn't much beyond the gimmicks. When you figure the adventure is about an hour, most of the gameplay is clicking things and it follows the same pattern throughout, it just doesn't have anything else to attract players. This doesn't mean you won't enjoy Luna, the look and feel, combined with just tending a garden might be enough for some, it's just not a title that will have much for anyone beyond that small niche.

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