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Streets of Rogue

tinyBuild, Matt Dabrowski
Jul 12, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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PC Gamer
84 / 100
Nintendo Life
8 / 10
8 / 10
Generación Xbox
8.8 / 10
7 / 10
Pardis Game
8.5 / 10
Oyungezer Online
8 / 10
8 / 10
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Streets of Rogue: Meet The Cop Trailer thumbnail

Streets of Rogue: Meet The Cop Trailer

Streets of Rogue - Launch Trailer (coming March 10th) thumbnail

Streets of Rogue - Launch Trailer (coming March 10th)

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Critic Reviews for Streets of Rogue

PC Gamer

Unknown Author
84 / 100
PC Gamer

A flexible roguelike with more than enough playstyles to keep you coming back.

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Streets of Rogue isn't the cheapest of rogue-lites available on the eShop, but years of developmental evolution in Early Access have resulted in the final product making it to Nintendo Switch, and while we do feel the asking price is a tad high, the amount of content you get far surpasses what you're probably expecting. RPGs are at their best when they give you a world where you can be anyone and do anything - Skyrim has built its legacy on that very concept - so if you want to be a werewolf, or a scientist, or a bartender, then this is the game for you.

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Streets of Rogue brings a roguelike, procedural generated experience to a game with RPG and beat'em up elements. With its insane amount of action and degree of freedom, Streets of Rogue's play mechanics and multiplayer component make this a very enjoyable and undoubtedly recommended piece of work, and not just to fans of roguelike games.

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Generación Xbox

Unknown Author
8.8 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

Streets of Rogue is crazy fun in it's purest form. And 8 bits rogue like that provide almost infinite possibilities to overcome the numerous challenges, or simply unleash the chaos wherever you go. It's humorous tone will made you laugh most of the time.

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Streets of Rogue combines the experimental elements of Deus Ex with random world generation and permadeath to create a winning top-down rogue-lite.

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Thanks to its long early access period, Streets of Rogue achieves what a good Rogue-lite should; An addictive experience that takes hold of you while presenting itself with new and varied content on each turn of play. If you love this genre, this is a must have. For others? If you enjoy freedom of choices and approaches and pixelated graphics, Streets of Rogue can be both enjoyable and an introduction to the world of Rogue-lites

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You'll play Streets of Rogue for hundreds of hours and you won't get bored, because each character offers a deep and varied gameplay. A new gem for roguelike fans.

Review in Turkish | Read full review

Streets of Rogue is an odd yet hugely entertaining outing, one that rewards the time you put into it and never says no to even your most ridiculous ideas. It’s far more than the sum of its inspirations and even if you find permadeath an obstacle, there’s so much to love about this deceptively complex gem.

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