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Dune Sea

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 10, 2019

Developer: Frolic Labs

Genre: Adventure

WELCOME TO THE DUNE SEA Take flight as a bird who finds itself in a vast desert, separated from your flock due to a catastrophic event. To survive, you must to fly across the beautiful landscape of a strange and foreign land, while navigating to collect items and avoid predators, in order to safely rejoin your flock. KEY FEATURES Learn to Fly Dune Sea is populated with beautiful birds, one of which is a Canada Goose that you can learn how to fly. Over time you will gain the ability to perform exciting aerial stunts, fly at different speeds, bank steep turns, and smoothly glide through feature-rich, detailed character animations. Learn as quickly as you can, because you will need some skills to evade danger! Build your Flock As you fly, you will encounter other flocking birds which you can invite to fly along with you. Using a sophisticated and intuitive flocking game mechanism, you will be able to gather and lead a flock of your own! Explore a Gorgeous World The world of Dune Sea offers varied and diverse environments: dunes, rocky deserts, salt flats, volcanos, and strange forests, all crafted with stunning art and design. Just don’t get too distracted! Platforms and Puzzles As a bird, you will have to overcome challenges and perform special tasks to aid in getting through blocked passages and hazards. Use that bird brain!

Dune Sea Critic Reviews

Dune Sea plays more like an endless runner than an adventure game. Soaring high above the ground and through obstacles as you try and reunite with fellow geese is a relaxing and sometimes effortless breeze. When the game wants, it's charming and has a lot of character, especially with its unique art-style and level design. Other times, the game mechanics and glitches will make you fall out of favor with your lovable goose.

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Dune Sea feels like a work in progress. Though it generally succeeds with its pleasant scenery and occasionally inspiring music, the gameplay holds the game back from being the kind of experience it was meant to be.

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