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Arc of Alchemist

Idea Factory
Aug 16, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5

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Arc of Alchemist - Gameplay Trailer | PS4/Switch

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Arc of Alchemist - Teaser Trailer (NA)

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Critic Reviews for Arc of Alchemist

Arc of Alchemist features repetitive combat, tired tropes, an empty world, and a poorly thought out and written story. There is nothing interesting in this package, just skip it.

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Arc of Alchemist is not technically broken, which is the best thing I can say about it. Combining the most basic combat, the most complicated menu system, the weirdest economy, some pretty poor PS2-era graphics, and the densest, most indecipherable tips section, Arc of Alchemist is indeed reminiscent of a work of alchemy – if said alchemist was attempting to turn your valuable time into dust. Avoid at all costs.

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At only ten hours long, Arc of Alchemist won't waste much of your time. This wasteland has seen better days and couldn't come as recommended to any but the most ardent of Idea Factory fans.

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Thanks to the choppy framerate, horrible combat, and forgettable characters and story, Arc of Alchemist fails to elicit anything more than a shrug and a sigh. Unless you're a hardcore Idea Factory and Compile Heart fan, stay far, far away from this one.

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Arc of Alchemist is an RPG that most people who play will forget about it shortly after finishing it. Given an average finish time of 6-8 hours (without new game plus), the journey is over before it really feels like it's begun. What's here isn't really impressive to look at, either. The Lunagear concept is slightly interesting, but mixed with the blandness of the rest of the game it doesn't make this a must-have release. If you really like building bases, you may have some fun with Arc of Alchemist. The rest of us can wait on a meatier RPG to take up our time with.

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Arc of Alchemist on the Nintendo Switch may look pretty and attractive when looked at its still pictures but that should not deceive anyone: this game has a poor performance, its plot and characters are completely uninspiring and the overall gameplay mechanics fail to compel and to entice the players. Add to that a steep launch price and there are very few reasons why anyone would want to spend too much time around this effort.

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The premise behind Arc of Alchemist’s world and its story is a good one. The implementation, however, could be better and the game feels incomplete due to its uneven combat as well as its awkward interface and systems. Given my affinity for old-school JRPGs and cute character designs, Arc of Alchemist should be a game that I absolutely love. Instead, I now find myself wondering what could have been.

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In sum, Arc of Alchemist is not worth your time.

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