Some Distant Memory

Galvanic Games, Way Down Deep

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Some Distant Memory

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 14, 2019
PCNov 14, 2019

Developer: Galvanic Games

Publisher: Way Down Deep

Genre: Adventure

Two colonies struggle to survive post-apocalyptic Earth. In the NASA-engineered Ares compound, the Professor serves as an interpreter for the artificial intelligence known as ARORA. The other colony, NOAH, has sent a wasteland-hardened but enthusiastic expedition leader, Commander Ti, to assist in a mission of dire importance. Each colony has preserved its own facets of humanity, and neither truly knows how people used to live. So much has been lost, and the future struggles to survive without the knowledge of the past. Long ago, humanity thrived. That was before the Collapse, and the corrosive algae bloom that now plagues the planet. The Professor, Commander, and ARORA will reveal a cast of characters from past Earth. Their possessions and memories still remain, and will grant a new understanding of how people used to live. With the help of ARORA’s abilities, you’ll relive moments from their lives and discover a story of love, creativity, loss, and human perseverance. The Professor and her companions have made an amazing discovery: a pre-Collapse house, mysteriously preserved underground. Explore the ruins and examine relics from those who used to live there. See memories from the past, and experience story moments in whichever order you find them. A non-violent, character-driven story. Lots of mysteries to uncover, from the cause of the fall of civilization, to the glitches of your computer, and the fates of the people who lived in the house centuries before. A story that moves at your pace. Piece together moments of a vibrant story and reveal new scenes as you read and explore freely. Themes of family, romance, friendship, and grief. Reveal a diverse cast of characters from both past and future Earth.

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Some Distant Memory is a mystery worth unraveling.

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Some Distant Memory shows a future no one wants to live in. It also shows how we should all work to together to avoid it happening.

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