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Just a Phrase by POWGI

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 6, 2020
PlayStation 4Feb 4, 2020
PlayStation VitaFeb 4, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: Lightwood Games

Genre: Puzzle

A hangman-style word game with a twist. One word in every phrase has been replaced by a homophone to make it tougher to deduce. Like NUCLEAR WAIST or STRIKE THE RIGHT CORD The new phrases sound familiar when read aloud, but have humorous or surreal new meanings.

Just a Phrase by POWGI Critic Reviews

Just a Phrase by POWGI is a no-frills game that would've worked much better as part of a collection than a standalone release. It misses the mark in several key ways. I expected better than a quick game beaten with minimal effort.

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Just A Phrase is a very simple game, with a very simple premise, that can easily be picked up and put down over your morning coffee. It’s a hangman-style game where you’re given 4 letters to choose from at a time. It’s nice to have a game that I can play one-handed while I consume my morning dose of caffeine with the other, and would probably be highly educational for younger children learning about homophones and spelling, but I found it a little too simple to really be engaging.

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If you take Just a Phrase for what it is, an easy, budget twist on Hangman, it won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for a game with depth that’s full with features and variety, it’ll be pretty underwhelming. In the end, it’s a matter of what you’re looking for.

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