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Kemco, Hit-Point Co.,Ltd.

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Monster Viator

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 10, 2020
Xbox OneFeb 5, 2020
PCFeb 5, 2020
Nintendo SwitchApr 9, 2020

Developer: Hit-Point Co.,Ltd.

Publisher: Kemco

Genre: RPG

Unable to remember who he is, Culter is mysteriously able to communicate with monsters. He soon comes across Aira, a shepherd who controls monsters with a harp and sets out together on a journey to uncover his memories. A fairy-tale like adventure with a legendary Hero with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth and a witch unfolds! Ride a dragon and soar the skies or on a raft down the river! Compelling pixel art breathes life into your adventure. Journey with more than 20 monsters, each with their own abilities and personalities. Hang tight and take your time in exploring not only challenging dungeons but what this fantasy RPG has to offer!

Monster Viator Reviews

All in all, I can't hate on this game. The story's interesting and keeps you going; if nothing else to see what happens to the spoiled prince. Overall, KEMCO has another nice entry on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Play Monster Viator for a sense of what I described.

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If you have a fondness for RPGs from the mid-'90s then I encourage you to give Monster Viator a try. Its wonderful retro aesthetic and rewarding gameplay loop are sure to entertain while providing a healthy dose of nostalgia, too.

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Monster Viator is a delightful throwback to JRPGs from the early 90’s. It has all of the charm of games from that era with its colorful 16 bit art style, adorable sprites, and awesome tunes. However, it also adds some modern day improvements like the ability to save at any time, increase the battle speed, and an auto-battle option.

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