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Horizon's Gate

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 9, 2020

Developer: Rad Codex

Publisher: Rad Codex

Genres: RPG, Strategy

Voyage into the wide world of Eral as an explorer, trader, or privateer. Unravel the secrets behind Dominio's betrayal - or sail off in search of your own adventure. Engage in deep but straightforward tactical combat on land or at sea Explore the world in your ship, then disembark to explore dungeons with your crew Create your crew from 8 playable races, unlock 34 classes, learn & upgrade 150+ abilities, and equip your choice of 100+ passive abilities Build a devastating armada of Ice Reavers and Sea Serpents – or sail past trouble with a small but swift fleet Serve under one of three factions, amass wealth as a trader, or become a reviled pirate Abilities are good for more than just combat – freeze a river to cross it, or grow seeds into vines to scale mountains! Unique fantasy setting – not one elf, orc or goblin in sight

Horizon's Gate Critic Reviews

Overall, Horizon’s Gate is a joy to play.

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Exploring an open world with the freedom to do what you please with deep character customization and stellar turn-based combat is a brilliant idea and Horizon’s Gate is still fun in the end.

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