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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 3, 2020
Nintendo SwitchJan 31, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Nape Games

Publisher: JanduSoft

Genres: Action, Platformer, RPG

In Reknum you play the role of the princess Cheri, who must advance through 6 different completely explorable zones, loot chests with crystals that will increase her passive skills in order to advance. Each zone introduces different elements which must be evaluated in order to be able to advance, to examine how to advance, to examine the behavior of the enemies and to fight bosses. KEY FEATURES - 2 Different weapons - New auto upgrade passive skill system - 6 different exploration zones with lot of looting - Hardcore platform based levels - Autosave feature - Hardcore fastfight bosses - 8 to 16bit graphics - 8bit to modern soundtrack

Reknum Critic Reviews

Reknum is a game that not only prides itself on its difficulty, but also invites you to take part in that pride when you conquer it. It combat may be antiquated and it might be lacking in terms of content, but its clever level design and ‘one perfect run’ mindset keep it afloat, making for a thrilling, albeit flawed experience.

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