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General Information

Available on:PCApr 22, 2020
Nintendo SwitchApr 22, 2020

Developer: WhyKev

Genre: Puzzle

TaniNani is a puzzle game where you move parts of the level around to help the characters find the crystal and each other. Explore a unique puzzle experience in your own pace, test your brain with optional challenges and unlock cute outfits for Tani & Nani.

TaniNani Reviews

There is something kinda special about a game whose goal is to help two lost souls meet. I saw Tani and Nani like my mind wandering away from my body. Sometimes my mind wanders off and I make myself incredibly sad and it can take a great amount of effort to find your way back. The route is not easy. You have to think. Maybe fail, many times. But you can make it and come back to your body. Then a metaphorical heart hovers over your head reminding you of the importance of loving yourself. Oh yeah, also, this game is pretty good too.

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